Casino Blackjack blog

Casino Blackjack blog

Casino blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino. Played in almost every single casino around the world, it’s famous for its easy rules, high returns, excitement and the only game where it is possible to beat the casino. This casino blackjack blog is here to go through it all with you, how to play, rules, hands and blackjack strategies that go hand in hand with the most popular card game in the world: Blackjack.

The games origins can be traced back to the mid 1600’s and while no exact location of the game can be traced, it was first mentioned in a Spanish book that mentioned a game of ‘21’ being played by two cheats in the docks of Seville. Over time the game grew ever popular across the western world, and when it first came to America, it was not overly popular. Once casinos started to offer a 10-1 pay-out on a player having a ‘blackjack’ which consisted of a player being dealt the ace of spades plus a black jack, did it become popular. That bonus pay-out disappeared soon after, but the name stuck, and has been with it ever since.

This blog will talk about any potential strategy that comes with playing the famous card game. In Blackjack, the change of decks or shuffling of a deck does not happen often, and with that, skilled players can predict sequences of cards being dealt, giving them a genuine advantage over the casino in regards of predicting winners. This method is called ‘Counting Cards’. This is normally met with negative connotations, as it is seen by many as a form of cheating the casino and taking the fun and unpredictability out of the game, however it is not illegal, so people who want to win money, are inclined to do so. The casinos are counter-acting this strategy by increasing the number of decks that are in play at any time, as well as increasing the time spent shuffling the deck, which will immediately end any sequence that may have been developed by the card counter.

Blackjack in the casino is a game to be enjoyed by all and its quick paced feel and simple rules makes it so popular in a casino hall. It is common for every seat to be full all the time at these tables, along with many people standing over, watching with great intent and excitement, whether they are there to support a friend or just a general fan of watching Blackjack, it really does hold a community feel for its punters, mainly for the fact that they are not paying against each other, and are in fact playing against the dealer individually.

This blog is a way into the world of casino blackjack, giving you an insight into the many variations that this game has to offer, both in land and online casinos, and giving just a little bit sense of the sheer excitement that blackjack can give to its players.

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